What We’re All About at Valor, Inc.

We have a culture of being positive, dedicated and inspiring at Valor, Inc. We believe that an individual can only grow and achieve success with these attributes, which is why we don’t just offer our clients the very best, but ensure our team members are given the chance to improve their own abilities. Development is key, and we work hard to ensure that we build tomorrow’s leaders and stay ahead of the game when providing marketing and sales services to our clients.

Better Brand Management for All

We already represent a range of clients, including a number of cosmetics companies and household cleaning products successfully improving brand awareness for thesethem. We will do the same for you. Valor, Inc. works as a strategic partner with our clients, improving marketing and sales strategy and interacting directly with consumers. We treat customers as if they were friends, giving them approachable representatives to learn from. We also use strategic territory planning to ensure that as many customers as possible are contacted in areas of high footfall.

Offering the Best Customer Service

Not only do our clients enjoy the best services, but customers benefit too. Through our direct marketing and sales strategy, customers learn about products before making a purchase, and also enjoy introductory prices that would not be available through other strategies. The hands-on experience with products before purchasing shows that a company cares about its consumers, and in turn creates better brand loyalty.

This representation is only effective with the right team, however, and we make sure we work with only the best people. Our team at Valor, Inc. are willing to learn and develop, have fantastic people skills and learn everything they need to know about each product they are representing.

Creating Career Growth

As one of the biggest and best sales and marketing companies in Southern Alabama, we are able to offer great career opportunities to team members. We’re always looking for new people to work with to help us improve our reach and continue expanding. We have a dynamic and driven team, and are always offering development and training to ensure that everybody is doing their best and finding fulfilment in their work. This constant growth allows us to continue offering high quality promotional strategies.